Three possible destinations for Dembele after the failure of negotiations to renew his contract with Barcelona

The failure of negotiations to renew Ousmane Dembele’s contract did not completely surprise Barcelona. At the Blaugrana club, they always trusted the word of the French player, who publicly expressed his intention to continue, but they were also aware of the meetings that his agents had with various clubs.

Contacts with Juventus and Manchester United have been particularly intense, especially since the summer, so at Camp Nou, they think it is self-evident that the player has already signed some kind of agreement with one of these two teams.

Dembele was already very close to Manchester United two summers ago. At the time, a loan with an option to buy was agreed, but everything was blown up because Barcelona wanted to renew the player’s contract for another year to let him out.

At that time, they had already seen in Barcelona Dembele’s strategy of wanting to leave with his freedom speech in June 2022, something he is on the verge of achieving.

Manchester United have always viewed Dembele as an opportunity in the market and their interest in him has continued over time. Despite everything, Juventus entered the show in force last year and have serious options to lure the player through Italy’s watered-down tax system on footballers’ salaries.

Chelsea also spoke with Dembele during January, and it appears that the people who have pulled out of the bid are Bayern Munich, who usually don’t pay the numbers the Frenchman is asking, and Paris Saint-Germain, who have other market priorities who will not be in the race to sign him because they don’t just trust the player. The physical condition of the player.

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