Guardiola on Ferran Torres’s move to Barcelona: “We will not give gifts”

Rumors about the possible signing of Ferran Torres with Barcelona have not stopped growing in recent days, to the point that they reached the press conference of their current coach, Pep Guardiola. The Manchester City coach was asked about Barcelona’s interest in his player, which he does not want to go into directly.

“Ferran Torres? It’s not my job to comment on this, you know. You should call a taxi, the player’s agent or Barcelona,” he answered when asked. However, later, in another question that had nothing to do with the Ferran Torres case, Pep Guardiola left a reflection that perfectly illustrates Manchester City’s position.

“I’ve always said to the players, especially last year after four seasons together already: ‘Please don’t stay here if you don’t want to be at the club,'” Pep said. Do it for yourselves, but at the same time for the club. Life is too short to be in a place bound by a contract than to be where you desperately want it.”

He added in the same context: “But, at the same time, we do not give gifts. When we go to the market, just because we are Manchester City they ask us for a lot more money for any deal. Because of the environment around us and all of this…we’re obviously not going to let our players go for free. There has to be negotiation and agreement between the clubs… and when there is an agreement, let them play where the clubs decide.”

The conclusion left by Pep’s words is that the negotiations between the clubs will not be easy. City will be asking for a much higher amount than they paid Ferran just over a year ago, more with the player who signed until 2025 and has yet to be repaid.

The Daily Mail reported this week that, at least, City expect to double what they paid for Ferran Torres, which was €24m flat plus €12m in variables.

Pep Guardiola was also asked if the noise after visiting Matteo Alemani and Ferran Riverter had bothered him, something the coach interpreted as part of the job: “This is how this world works. We also invite players when we’re interested I might have preferred it at another time, but no problem. It is as it is.”

Source: Sport

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