Thomas Tuchel admits that he dreamed to join Barcelona

Thomas Tuchel is currently one of the best coaches in European football. The German arrived last season at the end of January at Chelsea, where he collided with a soulless team and was placed in the Premier League table far from the European positions. However, the work of the former Paris Saint-Germain coach was noticed and he starred in one of the biggest revitalizations of the team in recent years, even managing to win the Champions League and put Chelsea in fourth place in the domestic competition.

Key to this achievement was the character of Tuchel, who was also one of the champions of the “Festival dello Sport” in Trento, Italy, an event organized by the newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” and where the German revealed some anecdotes about his career and life.

In his childhood, as he dreamed of being a big player in Barcelona. This was mentioned by the newspaper “Sport Week”, which will reveal tomorrow several anecdotes from the report they presented to the German during his days in Italy.

Apart from his dream of “being a Barcelona player”, the Italian magazine presented during the day today some of the coach’s reflections regarding the difficulty of training some stars such as Mbappe or Neymar, compared to others such as Lukaku, his current star player at Chelsea who was injured the day before the Champions League : “Lukaku training is easier than Neymar or Mbappe,” he said.

“In Paris I worked as a ‘Minister of Sports’ more than as a coach, as I was managing the family and friends of the stars”

In addition, Tuchel also compared his last two teams, Paris Saint-Germain and Chelsea, saying: “They are two different teams in terms of style and organisation. In Paris I worked more as a sports minister than as a coach, also managing the family and friends of the stars. At Chelsea, on the other hand, I can work more quietly.”

Finally, regarding football references, Thomas revealed that he relied heavily on coaches such as Arrigo Sacchi and Marcelo Lippi, as well as admitting that “he grew up encouraging Mateus at Inter and fearing Milan Sacchi”.

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