Three Barcelona players enter the Bernardo Silva deal

Barcelona believes that it will be able to raise an additional 80 million euros, after the 160 million euros it collected to pay for the deals of Lewandowski, Conde and Ravenha, to sign Portuguese Bernardo Silva (10-8-1994).

To do this, Barcelona has two tracks. The first is to sell Frenkie de Jong to Manchester United or Chelsea for the same amount to make room in the salary space required by the League, which already allows signings under the one-to-one rule.

If the Dutchman remains consistent in his position to continue as a Barcelona player, Barcelona should sell Aubameyang or Serginho Dest at a very good price and get something in return for Depay’s departure from Memphis. They are the three players who, today, are far from continuing to wear the Blaugrana shirt, although other types of sales are not excluded.

Xavi regards Bernardo Silva as a perfect player for the way he plays. Just as Pedri is fond of his ability to read the game, the Catalan coach is amazed by the Portuguese’s way of spreading in spaces and ease of play in both indoor and wing positions. He is a player who is able to keep playing, but is also able to finish passes and last shots.

Bernardo Silva really wanted to come to Barcelona last season. The Portuguese spoke with Ferran Soriano and Txiki Begiristain and made them see that his dream is to wear the Barcelona shirt. He also spoke with Guardiola, who referred him to the club’s management.

Matteo Alemani went to Manchester to discuss his and Gabriel Jesus’ signature, but City remained inflexible and were unwilling to negotiate. However, from those conversations, interest in Ferran Torres was born, and he was finally signed.

This season, Bernardo Silva is back in action. Guardiola repeated his style of action. He doesn’t want unhappy players in his team. Of course, they have to leave the money in the club. His message to Bernardo Silva was clear. He will be allowed to leave if Barcelona put in an amount equal to the value of the player.

According to The Athletic, City estimated Bernardo Silva, with a contract until 2025, at 100 million euros, a figure that exceeds the possibilities of Barcelona, ​​​​which will have to work on new tools.

Bernardo Silva’s photo was released this weekend, waiting for the end of the match to greet the fans in the federation, and his subsequent message on social media, thanking them for the support they have shown over the years, with some verbal cues from the past, have unleashed all the rumors.

But City are not in a position to let go of players. And even more so, in the midfield, where he has lost creativity over the years and has no surplus of players. One date rises above all. On August 24, Barcelona and Manchester City meet at the Camp Nou for a friendly match. “We will come with Bernardo and ten others,” Guardiola joked at the start of the summer. Now it is no longer a game.

Source: AS