SPORT: “Borussia Dortmund is morally obligated to let its player sign to Barcelona”

Barcelona want to complete the squad with the arrival of the right-back, but they need two conditions to complete that deal: Serginio d’Este must leave and the money must be within everyone’s reach.

The sports administration, since the exclusion of Azpilicueta, has made the Belgian Thomas Meunier a great alternative, as confirmed by Sport newspaper. The signing has already come under attack, although it won’t be easy due to Borussia Dortmund’s reluctance to let him out unless a multimillion-dollar bid arrives.

Monnier was already number one on the list last January. Barcelona offered to sign him on loan with a mandatory purchase option, but Dortmund did not agree and the player decided, very elegantly, not to pressure his club despite publicly acknowledging that he had lost the opportunity of a lifetime. Now, Meunier understands that Dortmund are morally obligated to let him out, although things won’t be that easy.

Barcelona’s idea is not to pay more than ten million euros to the player, while Dortmund asks for 15 between fixed and variable. There is room for a deal, but the Blaugrana want to pay a fair price. No need to rush, because the entity works on the right-back as the last piece to complete the team and can continue until August 31.

The player chosen by the sports department is Meunier because he matches the same qualities as Azpilicueta. He is a player with a lot of international experience, covers his defense well and has the ability to go forward in attack. He is a player very similar to the captain of Chelsea, although the price will be somewhat higher. The club is considering other alternatives although it is trying to close the deal for the player that creates the most consensus.

Source: sport