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Inside story: What happened between Xavi and Lewandowski in Ibiza?

On Wednesday evening, the Lío restaurant in Ibiza became the center of attention in the world of football. Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez met the man of the moment, Bayern Munich’s Polish striker Robert Lewandowski, but .. what really happened in this restaurant?

Leo is a very popular restaurant in Ibiza. A place frequented by celebrities. And this is not for little, because in the case of finding a table, which is very complicated, they ask for at least 150 euros just for a reservation. The main advantage that any celebrity finds when entering is that, no matter who he is, he ceases to be the center of attention, and all eyes are focused on the stage and the performances taking place on it.

About 500 people dine every night with selected products served in the restaurant area, while carefully watching the cabaret. Subsequently, many decide to enjoy the disco or not.

Being a restaurant and club in an open courtyard, it is easy to spot any important person going up the stairs to enter. For this reason, yesterday there was a huge commotion.

The Million Dollar Question: Did the meeting take place?

Late at night, Chaffee and Robert Lewandowski, running most newspapers in Spain, Poland and Germany, climbed those stairs, a few minutes apart.

The fact is that they both sat away from each other, ate, enjoyed the show and left, without greeting each other.

Knowing the player’s presence, Xavi prevented the cameras from taking pictures of them up close, which is why he made sure that he was not at the same table as the Polish striker.

Most guys who dine at Leo’s are usually found in the nightclub’s VIP room at the end of the meal. This was not the case with Xavi and Lewandowski.

Other regular customers

The night was an example of how many stars come to the club, in fact, Cristiano Ronaldo, among many others, appeared there, a few nights ago, with a group of people he generously invited. His rival during all these years in the world of football, Leo Messi, is also a regular customer.

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